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Only a few months ago, in November, the Hungarian parliament adopted a government proposal to adopt another legal basis for a one-year temporary stay. It is a „White Card“ or a visa for digital nomads. What distinguishes this residence permit from most other similar innovative similar visa solutions of other EU countries, is its duration. This Hungarian residence permit lasts for one year with the possibility of extension for another year, while e.g. In Croatia, it is possible to obtain the right to a temporary stay on this basis for only one year.

The visa for digital nomads is a legal residence permit, which is intended for third-country nationals. This type of Visa is a creation of the 21st century, ie the embodiment of the need for more and more frequent migrations of employees, ie opening to new concepts of employment.

Third-country nationals are in this sense: non-Hungarian nationals and stateless persons, except those with free access to and residence (EU citizens and family members accompanying or joining an EU citizen or a Hungarian citizen).
Thus, this type of visa is also providing an opportunity for those who do not have the opportunity to work within the EU on the principle of an open labor market, where EU countries finally open their doors to non-EU citizens.
This topic is interesting both for the citizens of other countries of the set, and for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia, having in mind that the country that introduced this visa is Hungary, a country that is in our immediate vicinity. Also in addition to Hungary and other countries, they have opened their doors to digital nomads, such as France, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Malta, Estonia, Greece, and the Czech Republic.
In order to meet the requirements for this type of residence permit, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

To have a valid employment contract in a country outside Hungary,
to have a share in a for-profit company in a country other than Hungary, the
Applicant does not perform economic activities while residing in Hungary and has no share in any company located in Hungary.
That he does not perform any for-profit activity in Hungary and does not have a share in a Hungarian company.
We believe that this is a victory for the freedom of the labor market, and that everyone who can pay attention to these possibilities as a source of legal residence in the now most EU countries.