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Ristic Legal

Ristic Law Office is one of the offices with the longest tradition. We have been at the service of our clients for more than 30 years. The office was founded in 1991 by lawyer Aleksandar Ristic, who was a long-term deputy prosecutor before he started his own practice as attorney.

Today, the office is run by his daughters, lawyer Tanja Ristic and lawyer Sanja Ristic. Bearing in mind that its founder was a well-known criminal lawyer, Ristic's office has had a long reputation as one of the best in this field. However, the office has expanded its areas of activity over the years, and today you can get various legal services here.
We represent our clients in criminal and numerous civil proceedings. We provide consulting services in the areas of commercial law, labor law, and we are especially proud that our office has distinguished itself in working with foreign individuals and legal entities, and we have a special sector responsible for foreigners. Also, what sets us apart is the attention we pay to the IT sector, numerous startups, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and future intermediaries in the digital property business.
Our office is a traditional family office, with an innovative and modern approach in business and domain. We strive to meet the expectations of our clients and respond to all their requests efficiently and quickly. In order to provide the best service to our clients, we work with numerous experts in their fields.
Our basic principles are building the trust of our clients, professionalism, and efficiency in solving legal problems.

Our team

Tanja Ristić

Tanja Ristic

A lawyer

Tanja Ristic is a lawyer from Belgrade, who, after basic studies as one of the best students of her generation, also completed a Master's degree in international law. So far, she has gained more than seven years of experience in the field of criminal and civil law. Her mastery of the subject, knowledge of several foreign languages, as well as her experience in advocacy make her an extraordinary lawyer. Although a young lawyer, Tanja Ristic has extensive experience, and she participated as an assistant to the chosen lawyer in the investigation of the Special Chambers for Kosovo for crimes committed in Kosovo from 1998 to 2000. It is also engaged by various domestic and international companies providing them with a wide range of legal corporate services.


  • Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
  • Master in International Law, Faculty of Law in Belgrade


  • Criminal Law
  • Civil rights
  • Real estate law
  • Corporate law


Belgrade Bar Association
Association of Italian Businessmen in Serbia - Confindustria


Serbian (Native), English (Fluent) Italian (Advanced), German (Intermediate)

Email: office@risticlegal.rs
Phone: +381/64 012 7381

Sanja Ristić

Sanja Ristic

A lawyer

Lawyer Sanja A. Ristić graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade as one of the best students of her generation. She then completed a Master's degree at the same faculty in the field of MedjugorjeGender Law and Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. During and after her studies, she was a scholarship holder and a student of foreign universities. After her studies, she was a member of the team at the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, where as a pioneer in this field, she became acquainted with the GDPR practice, which she later used in her legal work. In the continuation of her working career, she has experience with the defense of human rights in the project of the European Commission, as well as through the work of a defense attorney, where she often faced the most serious crimes. Through 7 years of work experience, she was a member of our best law firms, where she represented foreign and domestic legal entities, as well as natural persons, especially in extradition and immigration proceedings. She was also an associate lawyer in the investigation of the Special Council of Kosovo, based in The Hague. Sanju is characterized by her knowledge of several foreign languages, her versatility in approaching problems and her dedication to representing the rights of her clients.


  • Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
  • Master in International Law, Faculty of Law in Belgrade


  • Immigration law.
  • GDPR consulting for legal entities.
  • It's right and Intellectual Property.


Belgrade Bar Association
Association of Italian Businessmen in Serbia -– Confindustria


Serbian (Native), English (Fluent), Italian (Advanced), German (Intermediate)

Email: office@risticlegal.rs
Phone: +381/64 299 2999

What services do we provide?

Desk for foreigners

  • Residence permits
  • Asylum
  • Work permits ...
  • Investments

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IT right

  • Digital assets
  • Startup desk

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  • Supervision of the data processing process

  • Align business with the GDPR Act and laws.
  • Reporting data processing to the Commissioner ...

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Civil rights

  • Inheritance law (wills, contracts for life support, bequest)
  • Family law
  • Compensation for damages

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Criminal Law

  • 30 years of tradition in the defense of defendants for various crimes
  • Defense counsel before the High Court, Courts of Special Jurisdiction, and Basic Courts.
  • Representation of the injured
  • Issues of parole
  • Postponement of criminal prosecution

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  • Interpretation of the Corporate Income Tax Act
  • We represent clients in court tax proceedings
  • Conlasting is related to tax incentives for legal entities
  • R&D deduction
  • IP Box mode

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Intellectual property

  • Copyright protection,
  • Representation before the Intellectual Property Office,
  • Patent and trademark protection ...

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Corporate law

  • Establishment of companies, representative offices and branches

  • Drafting all kinds of acts of society
  • Implementation of procedures for status change and change of legal form of companies

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Real estate law

  • Real estate / gift contracts
  • Registration
  • Representation before the cadastre and other bodies, etc.

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Why choose us


Our business principles are respect for legal ethics, professionalism and individual approach to each client.


The fastest growing companies know how important the legal framework is. That is the foundation of any successful company. In our office, we provide legal support from the very beginning of your business. Whether you need help setting up the structure of your startup, drafting contracts and legal acts, or you need help raising funds, we are here to guide you to your success.


During the 30 years of this office, we have provided legal assistance to many, and in most cases we have successfully defended your rights. Thanks to generations of excellent lawyers in our office, we have gained the trust of many clients. The tradition of providing legal services continues today and we are honored to continue to be at the service of our clients.